The European E-Learning Insititute (EUEI)

The European E-Learning Insititute (EUEI) had the honor of hosting the final Digital Balance event, the International Digital Balance showcase. This showcase was attended by 22 local participants in total. There was great representation for VET educators, leaders and managers, as we had numerous participants from the sector in the audience.

EUEI carefully developed a strategy for approaching the organization of such a vital event. This showcase was the perfect opportunity to allow participants, who had not yet heard of it, to be introduced to the Digital Balance project, the partners involved and our overall objective for the project. It also afforded us the ideal opportunity to immerse our participants in the outputs which were developed as a result of the Digital Balance partnership.

All the participants indicated their satisfaction with the Digital Balance Multiplier. Participants filled out the available evaluation form in writing and they were all happy to share their feedback orally during the final part of the activity, designed to welcome feedback and questions from the audience. The feedback and recommendations are listed below and will help the Digital Balance project consortium to evaluate the appropriateness and relevance of the outputs developed and also to reflect on how they could be built upon – potentially in new projects.