Digital Wellbeing face-to-face meeting in Brussels

A Digital Balance is a coordinated by EMG that aims focusing on the mental and the well-being of the teachers, leaders, trainers as they are considered to be the assets through whom we gain knowledge, and we know their health should be prioritised.

The last transnational project meeting was held at EfVET main office between November 21 st and 22 nd , gather all partners.
During the meeting we discussed about development of the “Digital Wellbeing Resource Pack”, dissemination and AOB.
The “Digital Wellbeing Resource Pack” document is made available for managers and leaders of VET (vocational, educational and training) schools to better understand the options open to them and to develop concrete plans, policy and practice suitable to boost their own organisation’s digital wellbeing performance. The Digital Wellbeing Resource Pack is composed of two main sections:
– A Case Studies collection to showcase real-life examples of digital wellbeing interventions within organisations worldwide;
– A DIY Guide to offer guidance on how to create a policy and procedure regarding worker digital wellbeing in VET schools.

The creation of this document is a great achievement in the Digital Balance project, which aims to aid VET Managers and department heads to address some of the negative effects of using digital technologies in the workplace. Once again, all partners been very active in the conversations concerning the innovation of the educational system, this time by contributing to address the consequences of digitalisation in VET schools!

Access to the The Digital Wellbeing Resource Pack and to other sources created by the
Digital Balance consortium here
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