Digital Balance event in Brussels

EfVET held a Multiplier Event to promote the results of the Digital Balance project. The Multiplier event was held on February 22nd, 2022 in the headquarters of EfVET  in Brussels (BE) and  more than 30 people attended, namely  stakeholders, VET provider and  policy makers.

EfVET presented the Analysis Report, Empowerment Programme  and shared good practices, more specifically the psychological wellbeing. The teacher wellbeing index of 2019 stated that more than half (57%) of all staff had considered leaving the sector in the past two years because of health pressures and, of those who had considered leaving, stress was an issue. The threatening teacher wellbeing are institutional, reminding teachers to get 8 hours of sleep, eat healthily, exercise at least twice a week, moderate their caffeine and alcohol intake or practice mindfulness can be a little patronising. Finally, Valentina Chanina, underlined the importance that it’s not possible for anyone to always be happy and in perfect balance. Many people with great wellbeing still experience stressful times and the feeling of frustration, but they also have the physical and emotional resources to face the challenges they’re confronted with and once they’ve managed to overcome them, can feel proud, rewarded, and fulfilled.

Ms. Carmen Royo introduced the Creative Change tools and how to be a creative project manager. She underlined the  Creative Change Guide offers us
an engaging introduction to the role of creative methodologies, especially those based on the principles Human Centered Design.

A round of questions related to wellbeing, interaction between teachers and  stress, and good  tools  to a conclusion.

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