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Teaching online can be more challenging than most people would imagine, and can lead to high levels of stress.

There is a lot of pressure to get things right on one’s own. And, without the support an educator can receive from his or her colleagues in a live classroom, teachers can find navigating the online roadmap to be a bit more bumpy.

Teaching online can also feel isolating. Exchanging emails and reading comments in the digital world are not substitutes for direct interaction.

One of the other significant challenges online teachers face is the lack of validation and feedback they typically receive in a brick and mortar school. In a live classroom, teachers often have interactions with students, and they can see the immediate impact regarding instruction, content, and the ability to check for understanding.

These challenges can lead to online teachers dealing with high levels of stress.

If you are teaching online, here are five tips to help you stay calm and enjoy your role.

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